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Quality Meat Processing in Redmond, OR


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Beef Cuts

Pork Cuts

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Get Convenient Mobile Slaughtering Services

Take advantage of the mobile butchering services fast, easy butchering services right at your location! Call us today at (458) 202-0674 to schedule your next service!

Kill Fees and Includes Waste Disposal Fees
Discount offered if you dispose of the waste. Additional fees if outside of Central Oregon.

Call for current kill fee pricing.

Custom Cut and Wrap

Let us cut your meat and wrap it up for you. We offer custom meat cutting and wrapping for customers. Choose from three different cut charts—one for beef, one for hog, and one for lamb. We can also smoke or cure your meat as well.

  • Lamb/Goats—Minimum of $150.00
  • Beef—$1.00 per lb. Based Off Hanging Weight
  • Hog—$1.00 per lb. Based Off Hanging Weight

*Anything smoked or cured is an additional $1.00 per pound.

Game Processing

We also offer game processing for round venison, elk, and wild game. Our game processing includes basic cut wrap, roast, steak, stew meat, burger, and breakfast sausage. We can process a variety of wild game to create a large assortment of fresh or smoked sausages as well. We require a 20-pound minimum batch for all smoked sausage products, excluding jerky. Jerky requires a 10-pound minimum batch.

All Meat Must have tag # number with it, we will not accept any game meat without proper tag numbers.


Choose from our variety of flavors for your processed meat:

  • Jerky—Regular, Pepper, Spicy, and Garlic
  • Pepperoni—Regular, Snack Stick, Jalapeno, and Pepperoni
  • Summer Sausage—Regular, Cheddar, Jalapeno, and Cheddar Jalapeno
  • Links—Brat, German, and Oktoberfest

We Accept All Major Credit Cards, Checks, Cash, and EBT